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Traveling on Island Time

Sunday, 26 March 2023, Miami FL

The spell of Island Time grew on me as I enjoyed my final breakfast at the Inn. Even though I faced a travel day, a free morning spread before me. My flight wouldn't leave until 5:10; multiple people said I must arrive three hours prior to clear customs - yes, on the outbound, since St. Thomas is considered a Port of Entry, and "the line will be around the building." Add in the time for the ferry and the taxi, and I needed to catch the 1:00 boat. No problem, I'll go online and get my ticket early.

Walking the Lind Point Trail to Solomon Beach enticed me. It had a minor elevation gain, staying mostly flat. Still, the embedded rocks kept me watching where to put my feet. Not a trail I would wear flip-flops on, but that thought process didn't occur in most of the people I passed on my return.

Solomon was a very small beach with no road access - you must hike to it.

The single couple on it looked disappointed that they had to share their private enclave with me. The man sat on a beach chair, staring into the surf, while the beauty of the scene inspired the woman to phone a friend. Not quite the effect it had on me...

From there, I took an even shorter stroll to Honeymoon Beach,

where I had originally planned to paddle. More people here enjoying the balmy morning, more popular since one can drive or taxi there.

The beauty of the scene, the reassuring sound of waves lapping at the beach, helped me ease into Island Time. (I think the man in the beach chair was on it.)

Once again, one woman strolling down the beach was focused on her cell phone conversation. It made me happy that I had no reception out there.

For this relaxed morning, I did not hurry. Ambled on the trail. For the return to town, I veered onto the Upper Lind Point trail, climbing a bit higher (though not bad) to a glade overlooking the harbor.

Even though the islands have a tropical clime, portions of the lsland fall into a rain shadow of the island's peak. The vista from the glade hammered home that point, framing the bay with cacti-type plants.

On my return to town, still ambling, I noticed a movement by my feet. A first glance revealed nothing special, then I saw it again. A little critter ambling by in its own style of Island Time!

Back in town, I spent a few minutes tent-shopping the vendors there before heading back to the Inn to liberate my stored suitcase and carry-on. At the ferry dock, I was near the front of the line, ready to bid adieu to the Island. However, my tickets posed a problem - apparently, I needed to check-in with the tickets, since they were good for ten days. Luckily, the cashier on duty knew how to correct my mistake, and I still caught my boat.

I got to the airport in ample time, and steeled myself for the long wait at customs. For today, 'the line wraps around building' equated to 'walk up to the agent'. (Maybe the Island offered that to me as a final condolence.) I used the saved time to type in much of my next blog.

The flight to Miami mirrored the one four days earlier to St. Thomas - they both landed 42 minutes early. I appreciated the extra time to navigate the large MIA facility. Grab my bag, then walk to the other end to catch the monorail to the Car Rental Center. Directions got me to the airBNB with no hassles, and I settled in to prepare myself to criss-cross the state for a week - starting with a packed schedule at Everglades.

Here I come!

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