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Inspigraphs: Fall and more

25 November 2022, home

Time to create a few more Inspigraphs from light verses that have popped in to my head in the past couple of months.

It's a good time to dwell on fall foliage. Though I reveled in the colors in Guadalupe Mountains NP, this photo came from one of my walks through Ridley Creek SP, close to home.

Remember this pic from Crater Lake? The prose for his came naturally.

Another one from my Trees series. Seeing these magnificent giants lying on the ground, their essence getting recycled by Mother Nature, never fails to move me.

From the Texas trip, more leaves from McKittrick Canyon in Guadalupe Mountains NP.

I have made the reservations for my Winter Tour to Alaska and Wyoming, and now have eight weeks to cool my heels (and get organized) before my frigid foray into wilderness occurs. Anyone adventurous enough to join me? There's still time!

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