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Inspigraphs: call it 'poet-tree'

Friday, 14 October 2022, Aston PA

While on my last two trips (and between trips), I felt inspired by the nature around me. I put off translating the poems and phrases into new Inspigraphs (short for inspirational photographs) to concentrate on keeping up with my travels. As traveling slows down for a few months (I have a parks trip to Texas scheduled for Oct. 29-Nov. 7, but then nothing until 2023), I finally found time to push these out.

While at Wawona (in Yosemite), as I ambled along the trail beside the meadow, at peace with the world, I noticed a tree that had fallen and laid nestled in the grasses. Immediately, the opening line from a childhood prayer jumped into my mind. The following line came naturally, and a little reflection let me finish it. Call it my first bit of 'poet-Tree' - more would soon follow.

On my walk through the 'charcoal cathedrals' in Lassen Volcanic NP, the flowers bursting forth amid the fire-marred trees filled me with awe at the persistence of nature. So nice to know that the parks will recover! (The picture here is actually from Yosemite in the 1980s, where the land hit by a wildfire near Hetch-Hetchy staged its recovery.)

Sue pointed out this ruin (left photo) on a stroll through Ridley Creek State Park. The impermanence of these sturdy structures moved me, and the phrase formed itself quickly in my mind. The upper right picture came from a trip to Cumberland Island (GA) National Seashore 20 years ago, and the lower right ruins looms over the Schuylkill Canal where I often kayak.

At the top of Nevada Falls in Yosemite, this young tree eking out an existence on this barren rock caught my eye. What must it take to germinate and take root in such a hostile spot? It got me thinking of the seeds I spread - giving ideas to students and parents through my talks. Who knows which will take root and inspire someone?

Another poet-Tree entry. This deconstructing tree fell in Zion NP, on the Kolob Terrace. I look at it as a celebration of life.

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